Awesome Views from the highest mountain in western Japan !

Mt. Ishizuchi Photo Gallery

Ishizuchi Mountains

Mt. Ishizuchi and Mt. Kamegamori

Mt. Ishizuchi(1982m) is not only the highest peak in Shikoku but in the west part of Japan, and it is also known as one of “Hyaku-meizan”(the 100 famous mountains in Japan).

It is located between Ehime Prefecture and Kochi Prefecture, consisting a conspicuous part of the roof of Shikoku.

The mountain has been worshiped as a sacred place for a long time and, actually, is one of the seven sacred peaks of Japan.

Mt. Kamegamori(1897m) is the third highest mountain in Ehime Prefecture and the fifth in Shikoku and has also been considered to be a sacred place.

This mountain is my favorite “observation deck” that offers great (and occasionally breathtaking) views of Mt. Ishizuchi.


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